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Workstation Monitoring

Workstation Monitoring

Problems with workstations have an impact on productivity, so when there are issues with lots of them, they result in a productivity-sapping loss of time for multiple users and have a knock-on effect across the organization – and that’s bad for business.

With our Workstation Monitoring service we can spot periodic workstation problems and fix them fast, ensuring optimum availability for all users and keeping business ticking along smoothly.

Workstation/PC health checks include:

  • Event log checks
  • Antivirus update checks to ensure latest definition files are being used
  • Drive space change check to alert you to problems that are causing drive space to be consumed at a rapid rate
  • Disk health check to alert you to failing disks
  • Hacker check to alert you to a high rate of unauthorised login attempts
  • Windows service check on services that are on auto-start
  • SNMP check/RAID array.

Whether your employees are on the network or out in the field, our Workstation Monitoring can run on any Windows PC or laptop and check for critical issues.